Dr. William D. Kelley–„the Gretzky of alternative cancer“


As true, blue Canadian, one of the most important questions I often ask is, „Who is the greatest hockey player of all-time?“  Some say Wayne Gretzky, others say Mario Lemieux, and others like Don Cherry say Bobby Orr.  I, myself waiver on the issue, but from a statistical standpoint, the clear champ is Gretzky.  He holds all the major records, including most goals/season 92, most assists/season 163, and most points/season 215.  Some say these will never be broken, and I am inclined to agree.

In my research on alternative cancer practitioners, I continually run into a guy named Dr. William Kelley.  Anyone who has had success in fighting cancer usually refers to him and usually adopts some level of his cancer protocol.   At the same time, many parts of Kelley’s cancer protocol are a bit „alternative“ even in the alternative world.  Kelley’s theories and methods went against conventional cancer protocols and were in some ways different…

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Kelley Metabolic Therapy

Д-Р УИЛЯМ КЕЛИ, ЕНЗИМИТЕ И РАКА   Историята започва доста отдавна, по времето на  Мария Кюри. През 1902 година ембриологът д-р Джон Биърд, по това време професор в университета в Единбург, представил своята „Унитарна трофобластна теория за рака“, която гласи, че панкреатичният ензим трипсин е главната защита на тялото срещу рака и ще е полезен... Continue Reading →

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